About Us

Thomas & Thea

Nordic Kandie was set up in Europe and India in the true European traditions of authentic marzipan making.

The company is headed by the couple Thomas Abraham & Thea Tammeleht a sixth generation marzipan maker, whose family hails from the hanseatic town of Reval, in Scandinavia where marzipan is known to have been invented, back in the 15th century.

Back in those days over 200 towns across Europe were controlled by the German Hanse and thus the name Hanseatic. This also ensured that this royal delicacy soon found its way to other royal homes across Europe through these towns.

Legend has it that a member of the royal family was unwell and called for the pharmacist. The head of the pharmacy Johann, was also unwell and the task was passed on to his young apprentice Mart. In ancient Europe in order to avoid poisoning, it was required that the pharmacist consume the medicine in front of his royal patient before administering it. So Mart the apprentice who had to consume the tasteless medicine, decided to make it tasty by adding almonds and sugar. This tasty medicine cured Mart’s royal patient, who decided to call the delicacy Mart’s bread or Mardileib (Estonian). In Latin bread is known as ‘Pane’ while in French it is ‘le pain’ and thus this royal delicacy began to be known as Mart’s pane and over the centuries as marzipan in English.

Back in the middle ages, the royals wanted to live forever, and the alchemists were called upon to find the elixir of life. It was believed by alchemists in Europe that edible gold is one of the elixirs of life. Dukes, duchess and kings across Europe had edible gold in their deserts, risotto and on their royal dining tables.

In line with these royal European traditions from the middle ages, Nordic Kandie has introduced their pure edible gold covered artisanal marzipan to the Indian subcontinent.

Thomas holds a degree in Engineering , and has been the global CEO for an e-payments company that he co-founded in 2007, and  operates in India , Europe and Latin America. Nordic Kandie is his third startup.

Thea holds a Masters degree in special education and counselling, after years of corporate and academic life, she finally decided to follow her heart and ended up, doing what she always loved, which was making gourmet marzipan treats. Thea has always been involved in her family’s Food and Beverage business in Estonia and across Scandinavia.

Thea is passionate about creating and sharing her marzipan delicacies. Nordic Kandie marzepan is made in a European standards factory, with the highest levels of quality and is also FSSAI licensed for India. Her artisan marzipan is made from the finest Mamra almonds from Iran, wrapped in Belgian chocolate and covered with pure edible gold from Florence in Italy (this factory that has been producing edible gold for royal families across Europe since 1820).

Nordic’s range of luxury handmade marzipan delicacies are for a discerning audience that appreciates an exclusive gourmet experience.

 CORE TEAM                                                               


Anitra Kõrb

Anitra handles both back office and the front equally well.

Her people skills and common sense are an asset to any organisation.

She hails from Reval, modern day Tallinn, EU, where marzipan is was known to be invented in 1422.


Arijit Das (Regional Director)

A hotelier and a connoisseur of  Wines and Spirits.

Brief, but significant stint as a core team member in the launch with India’s first Luxury airline Kingfisher.

Core Member to launch India’s first gold recovery and trading business for Attero Group.

Founding Member of The Luxe Cafe, India’s first and only super luxury curator for brand communication, e-commerce and experiential retail consulting.

Is a qualified Tea Taster and Quality Analyst of Spirits & Cocktails